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This is the story of a business that was brought to life out of DIY summer dreariness, and an innate sense of sales.

Here at Knee Deep Denim we believe loving what you do is a very unique opportunity to be handed in life, so we don’t take this lightly! And we are blessed enough to be one of those companies! We love to see our custom shorts come out perfect. Sometimes we joke about keeping a pair we had made for a customer and hanging up on the wall as a trophy, but of course we know our customers will love wearing them just as much as we love giving them.

“I’ve always made my own clothes.” Said owner RaeAnn. “I’ve always repaired my own jewelry since i was a kid, and came up with my own ideas of what I think style should be, so learning to stud shorts, and come up with new designs to match the market came easy.”

It’s really about empowering women and having them feel like what they wear, they aided in the creation of. We are just the little workers who live in the back of your closet bursting with joy when you choose us to make you something to wear that day.

Our vision?

These are the clothes you want to wear on your favorite day of the year.

No matter if you’re off to the beach for a quick surf, or down to the lake on the first day of summer break with your friends that feel like family. Or maybe you’re finally moving in to the new apartment you have been saving up for, and of course, you turn to your favorite cut offs for a long day of moving boxes.

Whatever it is, we want to be apart of the ride. We want to join you on your journey.

Want a peek in the process of our custom shorts?

We understand the look and feel of high waisted shorts that people love. We understand Vintage treasures against old trash. We ONLY choose the best brands, but we don’t stop there. We only grab the best look and feel available in those vintage brands. And here we find the best base for our creations. We believe in using American denim because all of our handmade products are proudly made in the USA. And we will remain this way. Forever. Thats what sets us apart.

And thanks to our team, we make your dream come true.

Thank you for letting us be in your life journey. We love that you are also in ours.

"Made with love. Just for you."

- Knee Deep Denim